Yours Truly Unicorn Kisses Bubbly Bar


$ 4.00 $ 7.99

Each bubble bar weighs about 3.5 ounces. This bar will provide 2-4 full bubble baths! How to Enjoy: * Break off part of the bubble bar and hold the bar under running water. * Place your crumbled bar in a bubble pouch and hang it on the tub faucet to create luscious bubbles. * Crumble the bar and drop the crumbs under the running water or agitated as well. * Cut up or crumble the bubble bar and place the pieces in a strainer. Hold the strainer under the running faucet for mountains of bubbles. Tip: The higher your water pressure, the more bubbles will be produced. The color of the water will change to the pretty colors of your bar and the oils inside will leave your skin silky soft!
Made in the United States of America Scent: ripe berries, fruit, vanilla musk