Absolute Cutest Spring & Summer Play Clothes!

by Susan White April 10, 2016 2 Comments

Absolute Cutest Spring & Summer Play Clothes!

Blue skies, sunshine and breezy playful days are upon us! The season of soft green grass, picnics and blowing dandelions. This time of year everything around us is vibrant, fresh and joyful. I am reminded of so many activities and adventures I used to have with my two 'no longer so little' ones. Days spent outside blowing bubbles, drawing with side walk chalk and simply swinging at the park. 

The new Spring and Summer 2016 season of clothing and shoes here at Whoopsie Daisy reminds me of those sweet days. Here is a small taste of the fun you can have in these adorable spring/summer childrens clothes!

Leave a comment about the new blog! If we don't have what you're looking for, leave a suggestion on what you would like us to carry!  :)

Susan White
Susan White


Mother, wife, boutique owner, and childrens fashion extraordinaire.

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June 04, 2017

You’re very welcome Sheryal! So glad you loved them! :)
BTW – so sorry I never saw this until now! I guess it doesn’t let me know when there are blog comments


January 06, 2017

I received my wonderful package with a personal note! The two outfits were amazing and I’m so pleased! As these are a birthday gift in a few weeks I can’t post pics yet! Thank you for making this so personal and wrapped so nicely. Thanks again!

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